Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions most asked about Young Musicians of Virginia (YMV). We hope you will find this to be helpful. For additional information, or to provide comment or feedback, please contact the YMV Office.

What is YMV?

Since 1991, Young Musicians of Virginia (YMV) YMV has offered a music education and enrichment program for home-schoolers in the Tidewater / Hampton Roads area of southeastern Virginia. We meet in Virginia Beach, but we have students who come from as far north as the Peninsula and the Eastern Shore, as far south as northeastern North Carolina, and as far west as Franklin.

In addition to instruction, we offer performance venues through seasonal concerts, which are free, and open to the general public. We also work with the students in preparing them for district competitions.

Every year, an average of 200 to 240 students participate in the YMV program (grades K-12). We offer many planned social events for the students throughout the year, including spirit days, and monthly Student Leadership Council (SLC) sponsored activities. Past activities have included sock hops, game days, and a winter formal dance.

In the spring, we offer a Spring Trip for our advanced performing groups and tech crew where we go to a different city or state. This is a time of fun, fellowship, and musical service to the community.

See our Classes page for more information about the individual classes, and the Weekly Class Schedule page for the schedule of when each class is offered.

What makes Young Musicians of Virginia unique?

Begun in 1991, YMV is the premier home-school music program in Virginia. We have learned a lot over the years, and our program continues to grow and develop. We do not run on auto-pilot. Each year we seek to improve over the previous year.

These are just some of the things we think makes YMV unique:

Our students

The diversity of our student body contributes to everyone's education. Many of our students have lived in other cultures before coming to YMV, and bring a unique perspective to our organization.

Our student leaders

YMV has a Student Leadership Council (SLC), elected by their peers. There is one elected representative for Middle School, plus an elected representative for grades 9-12. There is also a president, vice president, secretary, treasurer and historian. These leaders help bring a fresh perspective and guidance to YMV's future.

Our student activities

We offer two Study Halls: a fellowship study hall (a time for students to fellowship with each other) and a quiet study hall. The SLC offers a monthly social activity so students can get to know each other outside the classroom. We publish a Yearbook. We professionally videotape some events (such a senior high graduation) and make them available for purchase. And our advanced performance groups go on a Spring Trip every year, which combines free community performances, learning experiences, and fun. The 2009 spring trip, for example, included a visit to Virginia Tech, where the advanced groups went into a sound recording studio and enjoyed a professional sound recording experience.

Our classes

We offer a wide variety of classes, both academic and music. For example, our School of Harp was the first harp class offered to home-schoolers. We keep a low teacher-to-student ratio, so students are assured of proper attention. In addition to formal music classes, private lessons are also available. Check out our Classes page for our entire course offerings.

Our teachers

Most of our teachers hold at least an undergraduate degree, with many having Master's and Doctorates. Many of our music instructors continue to be involved with music in the community, such as the Virginia Symphony, the Virginia Opera, the Tidewater Winds, and various music programs in churches. And some of our teachers have been doing this for 20, 30 or 40 years!

Our leaders

Our music directors led the fight to allow home-school students to compete in district music competitions. Now, home-school students have the opportunity to try out for district bands and district choruses. And our students, as well as other home-schoolers, have earned their places, along side public school and private school peers.

What age groups does YMV accept?

Our music program offers voice and instrument instruction, both group and private, for grades K through 12. We also offer academic classes for middle school (grades 5 to 8) and high school (grades 9 through 12). There are a few exceptions to this (such as Art classes) which are offered at the elementary level.

How can we evaluate YMV for ourselves?

Most people learn about YMV in one of four ways:
   • Talk to someone enrolled at YMV
   • Come for a tour
   • Enjoy one of our free community concerts
   • Visit us at the HEAV Convention and TEACH Book Fair

Talk to someone enrolled at YMV
With over 200 students every year, chances are good you may already know someone in the YMV family. Ask some of your home-schooling friends if they have students enrolled in the YMV program, or know someone else who might.

Come for a tour
During the regular school year, you are invited to stop by for a tour. Your children are welcome to join you on the tour. Our advanced music classes meet later in the day. And there is not much to see during lunch (11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.). If you call us (757-420-1961) ahead of time we can recommend the best time, based on what you would like to see, but you are welcome anytime YMV is in session, between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m.

Enjoy one of our free community concerts
We offer free community concerts throughout the year. See our Performance Calendar for a list of upcoming performances.

Do we have to do music?

YMV is, primarily, a home-school music program. But we also offer advanced academic classes for those interested in supplemental or enrichment assistance. In order for any student in the family to take an academic class, at least one student in the family must be enrolled in at least one music class. We offer an amazing range of music opportunities, both voice and instrument. Even the most reluctant student has been known to have fun in the music class - looking forward with excitement to the group learning and friendships - once they have given it a try.

See our Classes page, for more information about the individual classes, and the Weekly Class Schedule page for the schedule of when each class is offered.

Do you rent instruments?

Yes, we have some instruments available for rent. We also have arrangements with local music suppliers who can help you with instrument rental if we do not have what you need.

Is YMV only for Christians?


While we are Christian in principle and philosophy, and our faculty must have a Christian testimony, we gladly accept students of any religion. Personal philosophy in no way compromises the acceptance, loving instruction and quality guidance a student will receive. In fact, we have many students who claim a religious faith other than Christian, or have not expressed a religious affiliation.

The only exception to this rule for Students is that a student elected to the Student Leadership Council must agree to the YMV Statement of Faith policy.

How much does YMV cost?

There are generally three fees associated with attending YMV:
• A one-time annual family fee
• A monthly course fee
• A one-time supply fee (Note: Not all classes have supply fees)

As you might imagine, these fees do not cover all of YMV's operating expenses. Because of this, we offer fund-raisers throughout the year. Although fund-raising participation is voluntary, we rely on these funds to make it through the year.

YMV also offers some scholarships: a limited number based on financial need, but most are on a meritorious basis.

When and where does YMV meet?

Classes are held at New Song Fellowship (865 Woodstock Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23464) [map] on Tuesdays and Fridays, September through May. Most classes meet on Tuesdays and Fridays, but a few are held on Tuesdays or Fridays. Private instruction is an example of this.

Whenever possible, concerts and planned student social activities are also scheduled for Tuesday or Friday evenings. The drama class usually puts on an end-of-year production, which is open to the public, and these performances are usually mid-week, or weekends.

See our Classes page for more information about the individual classes, and the Weekly Class Schedule page for the schedule of when each class is offered.