The YMV Program

The Benefits

  • Opportunity characterized by dedication to hard work and excellence.
  • Instruction that results in quality musicianship and an understanding of the overall purpose of music.
  • Appreciation of many types of music (the music we play is a variety chosen to develop quality musicianship).
  • Inspiration that leads to excellence.
  • Guidance in career pursuits, and skill development.
  • Competition - healthy and balanced, to evaluate and sharpen skills.

The Plan

We offer group and individual opportunities through:

  • 38 different music related classes plus individual instruction
  • Highly skilled instructors, fully qualified in their area of teaching
  • Used instrument availability
  • Summer classes
  • Special topic seminars
  • Something for everyone, pre-school through high school
  • Area performances and Annual Spring Tour
  • All-District/state competitions
  • Recitals and concerts
  • Juries
  • Awards & recognition ceremony
  • Lettering and pinning for high school students

For Progress...

YMV offers the home-schooling community an exciting musical opportunity for students, preschool through high school. Under the direction of talented, dedicated men and women, abilities are encouraged and nurtured.

Tutorial courses in the Arts as well as Math, English and Languages are available at the middle and high school level. High school lettering and pins, socials, ministry opportunities, concerts, tours, leadership responsibility, and more help to round out the big picture of what YMV can offer without compromising the close knit family structure that characterizes home schooling. The quality and character of the program provide a framework for learning that appreciates, supports and reinforces God's design for the family.

We invite you to join us for a musical experience that is more than mere notes and sounds. Join us and compose a “life” symphony!