At YMV, your primary-level through high school student has the opportunity to explore a wide range of musical experiences.  Whether your child prefers group performing (ensemble) or solo (private lesson), composing (music theory and tech) or improvising (jazz band), we have a professional ready to teach, guide, and encourage him or her on the path to mastery. Your student will gain not only a practical knowledge of music but also a deep appreciation of its beauty.

Students may explore their other artistic interests in our Art (multi-levels) and Drama classes (middle and high school). Check our “Events” tab for upcoming Drama performances.

Academic classes are available to YMV students as a support for homeschooling families.  We normally offer every class considered a “requirement” for a Virginia high school diploma except P.E., as well as several academic classes for middle school and elementary students.  Academic class offerings may vary from year to year.  Check our “Schedule and Fees” tab for current information.