Academic Classes 2023-24

Classes subject to change. Classes for 2023-24 updates are IN PROGRESS. NOTE: Some teachers charge a one-time supply or lab fee. Please contact the office for details.

For your convenience, you may download a blank worksheet to use for plotting classes. Go to our Schedule and Fees page and click on “Schedule Planning Worksheet”.

Age/grade levels may be flexible. If you have a question about whether your child meets the limits for a class, please ask us!

Language Arts

MS English6th-8thF only1:00Christi Monti$63
HS Writing9th-12thT/F2:00Trevor Hodges$63
HS American Literature10th-12thT/F1:00April Bullard$63
HS British Literature 10th-12thT/F10:00Trevor Hodges$63

Foreign Language

MS Spanish6th-8thT/F3:00Marlene Berkley$64
Spanish I9th-12thT/F9:00Marlene Berkley$64
Spanish II9th-12thT/F1:00Marlene Berkley$64
Spanish III9th-12thT/F10:00Marlene Berkley$64
French I9th-12thT/F11:00Marlene Berkley$64
French II9th-12thT/F2:00Marlene Berkley$64
French III9th-12thT/FMarlene Berkley$64
Latin Form I5th-12thF only2:00Christi Monti$63
Latin Form II5th-12thF only3:00Christi Monti$63


Math Skills5th-7thT/F10:00Dee Williams$57
Pre-Algebra7th-8thT/F11:00Dee Williams$61
Algebra I8th-12thT/F2:00Nickie McCreary$63
Algebra II8th-12thT/F10:00Nickie McCreary$63
Geometry8th-12thT/F11:00Nickie McCreary$63
Personal Finance (1 semester)9th-12thT/F2:00Dee Williams$51


Elem Science (Anatomy)4th-6thT only*1:00Dee Williams$50
General (Life) Science7th-8thT/F9:00Roni Dowdell$61
Physical (Earth) Science8th-9thT/F10:00Roni Dowdell$63
Biology A9th-11thT/F11:00Yetta Roy$63
Biology B9th-11thT/F1:00Yetta Roy$63
Adv Biology11th-12thT/F10:00Yetta Roy$63
Chemistry10th-12thT/F11:00Courtney Rollick$63
Physics10th-12thT/F9:00Courtney Rollick$63
*Elem Science has lab at 1:00 on the first Friday of each month

Social Studies

MS History6th-8thT/F11:00Collen Ignacio$61
HS American History9th-12thT/F1:00Trevor Hodges$63
HS US Government9th-12thT/F2:00April Bullard$63
Logic7th-12thF only11:00Christi Monti$63