YMV helped me to grow so much as a musician, friend, and Christian.  The giving teachers there inspired me to work hard at my musical talent for God’s glory and to love my neighbor.  YMV is a special place, set apart from both the public school and the home school, where children can grow together to be men and women after God’s own heart.

Jimmy W., Bachelor of Music Education (instrumental) Old Dominion University, currently teaching English, music, and the Bible in China

YMV was a great time of formation for me and helped orient my priorities in life, putting God first and emphasizing service to others, an influence for which I was very thankful when transitioning from homeschooling to attending a public college.  It’s also full of welcoming, friendly, and fun people as well as great music!

Matthew M., Physics Major at College of William and Mary, playing clarinet and saxophone in William and Mary Wind Ensemble, and mandolin in William and Mary Appalachian Music Ensemble

Through YMV, I formed many friendships, both casual and professional, and I even got my first paid gig through one of my YMV friends.  During my time at YMV, the faculty not only taught me how to become a better musician but also how to model Godly character both in music and academia.  They showed Christ’s love through their speech and actions and made an active effort to glorify God through their teaching.  My time at YMV is, and will remain, a cherished gem in my treasury of memories.

Benjamin S., Music Performance Major at University of Kentucky, performer with the Lexington Brass Band, Tidewater Winds, and Symphonicity, and sectionals coach and private teacher for a local high school

I learned more than I can ever thank all of the staff at YMV for.  YMV has helped me be more respectful of my teachers and fellow students.  The most valuable lesson I learned from YMV is to always be ready to do what needs to be done even if you don’t know what needs to be done.

Patrick M., Marine Systems Engineering Major at Maine Maritime Academy