Over 25 years of musical experience

YMV is in its third decade of serving homeschool families and the community with a faculty and staff of over 30 professional adults dedicated to teaching and training students from preschool through high school. Their commitment is not only to teach music, but to teach life lessons and Godly principles as well.

While music is our mainstay, YMV also offers other selected academic courses. These courses are geared toward the academic needs of families with 6th-12th grade students that attend the music program.

The YMV program is intended to enhance and support – not replace – the homeschooling experience. In addition, we are dedicated to assisting homeschooling parents to provide their children with extracurricular musical opportunities, such as summer classes, seminars, concert opportunities, performances and ministry outreach.

While we are Christian in principle and philosophy and our faculty and staff must have a Christian testimony, we are open to homeschool students of any faith.  We invite you to join us for a musical experience that is more than mere notes and sounds;  it is a symphony of life!