Music/Fine Arts Classes 2023-24

At least one member of the family must be enrolled in a music class. Any class listed under “Group Music Classes” or “Private Lessons” will meet this requirement. Secondary Ensembles/other music classes and Other Fine Arts classes do not.

For your convenience, you may download a blank worksheet to use for plotting classes. Go to our Schedule and Fees page and click on “Schedule Planning Worksheet”.

Classes subject to change. Classes for 2023-24 updates are IN PROGRESS. NOTE: Some teachers charge a one-time supply fee. Please contact the office for details.

Group Music Classes

Beg Music/Choir AK-2ndT only9:00Brandy Bollen$50
Beg Music/Choir BK-2ndF only10:00Brandy Bollen$50
Elem Music II3rd-5thT only10:00Brandy Bollen$50
Upper Elem Choir3rd-5thT only11:00Brandy Bollen$50
MS Choir6th-8thT/F2:00Brandy Bollen$59
Concert Choir9th-12thT/F1:00Karla Robinson$59
Beginning Band F only8:30-10:00Tony Grizzel$59
Intermediate Band T/F11:00Gary Garlic$63
Advanced Band T/F3:00-4:00Gary Garlic$62
Beginning Strings1st-4th*F only10:00Rachel Wambeke$52
Intermediate Strings5th and up*F only8:30-10:00Rachel Wambeke$59
Advanced Strings T/F9:00Sarah Umlauf$62
*Students in Beginning Strings class are highly recommended to take a private lesson. Beginner-level strings students older than 4th grade will take private lessons until ready for intermediate level.

Private Lessons – lesson start times

PianoT only1:30-4Leah Armstrong$92
PianoT/FMarcie Williams$92
Piano (classical/improv)F only9-11:30John Boyer$92
HarpT only1:30-4Leah Armstrong$92
GuitarT/FDon Davis$92
UkeleleT/FDon Davis$92
SaxophoneT/FTony Grizzel$92
ClarinetT/FTony Grizzel$92
FluteT/FTony Grizzel$92
PercussionT/FGary Garlic$92
PercussionEllard Forrester$92
Electric KeyboardT/FGary Garlic$92
Electric BassT/FGary Garlic$92
Electric BassT/FDon Davis$92
TrumpetT/F8:30-9:30Ben McCarthy$92
TromboneT/F8:30-9:30Ben McCarthy$92
HornT/F8:30-9:30Ben McCarthy$92
TubaT/F8:30-9:30Ben McCarthy$92
StringsT onlySarah Umlauf$92
StringsF onlyRachel Wambeke$92
VoiceT/FBrandy Bollen$92
VoiceT/FKarla Robinson$92

Secondary Ensembles/other music classes

Jazz BandT/F4:00-5:00Gary Garlic$55
Soli Deo9th-12thT/F11:00Karla Robinson$51
World Rhythm EnsT/F10:00Gary Garlic$58
Music Theory IT/FTBAEllard Forrester$52
Music Theory IIT/FTBAEllard Forrester$52
Conducting (pvt lesson)F onlyEllard Forrester$92
Music Technology8th-12thF only1:00Gary Garlic$52

Other Fine Arts Classes

Early Elem Art 5-7 yrs oldT only10:00Stephanie Councill$55
Middle Elem Art7-9 yrs oldT only9:00Stephanie Councill$55
Upper Elem Art9-11 yrs oldT only2:00Stephanie Councill$55
MS Art12-15 yrs oldT only1:00Stephanie Councill$55
HS Art15 yrs and upT only11:00Stephanie Councill$55
Indep Art Studio11th-12thT or F9:00Stephanie Councill$55
Indep Art Studio11th-12thT or F10:00Stephanie Councill$55
Indep Art Studio11th-12thT or F11:00Stephanie Councill$55
Theatre Arts MS6th-8thT/F1:00TBA$62
Theatre Arts HS9th-12thT/F2:00TBA$62