Where Do I Start?

Browse our classes on the Class pages, or check out our Performance Showcase and Testimonials under “About Us”. Read through the FAQ’s page for important information. You may want to try out our Summer Camps or Band for a Day as a “sample” of our program. If you’re interested in regular classes or private lessons, call the office to set up an interview and then come meet us in person!

A Good Fit for Students at Any Level

Beginner level: Every professional musician was a beginner once! Piano lessons and general music classes provide an excellent foundation for any student, even those with no evident musical aptitude. Just like learning a language, beginners focus on the basics of the language of music. Our teachers are skilled at finding the right mix of appealing songs and skill development to tap into your child’s inner musician. Students who have a particular instrumental interest or natural expressiveness may want to begin learning a new instrument or sing in the choir. We offer beginner-level classes in strings, band, choir, and general music, as well as private lessons.

Intermediate level: One the student has grasped the basic tools of musical communication, he or she can begin to explore creative expression. Private instructors focus on methodology and the student enjoys a higher level of musical depth in the repertoire. Students in group ensembles learn how to listen to one another and balance the ensemble. Their musical ears are sharpened as they practice techniques in pitch and rhythm. At this level your student may be eligible to compete in district-wide events.

Advanced level: These students have a well-developed musical toolbox and they use it to more deeply explore musical expression through improvisation, composition, and performance. They may be publishing music on YouTube, preparing college auditions, or competing in state-wide competitions. They perform at multiple venues and travel on a performance tour every spring. Our instructors will prepare them for college-level studies or for professional work after high school. If you would like to know what YMV alumni have done after high school, check out our Testimonials page!

The value of music education for EVERY student, not just the “talented”, has been well documented. To read about the many benefits of music education, click on these links: